real estate law

When purchasing or selling real property it is important to have legal representation; because both are usually huge monetary transactions. For all other real estate matters it is essential to know your rights and to have them executed by an Attorney. The Brown Law Group (TBLG) has 19 years of experience in the practice of law and is well versed in handling all matters of Real Estate Law.

Real Estate Law encompasses a broad spectrum of services, such as:

  • Real Estate closings
  • Real Estate sales contracts
  • Property taxes
  • Deed preparation
  • Mortgage agreements
  • Zoning violations
  • Neighbor relations
  • Real Estate warranties
  • Landlord tenant disputes
  • Tenant evictions
  • Easement and encroachment issues
  • Property covenants and restrictions
  • Injuries that occurred on the property
  • Foreclosure representation

For all issues concerning real property, whether it is to purchase, sell or any other issues concerning the property it is vitally important to seek legal representation. If you are interested in purchasing real property TBLG can facilitate the real estate closing. If you are selling real property TBLG can draft the sales contract and facilitate the real estate closing. For all other real estate matters TBLG will evaluate the circumstances and advise the client as to the best possible judicial solution.

The initial consultation is free, so please call and speak with a TBLG representative at 877.318.2976 / 305.688.7500. All fees are assessed and charged at the current market rate.


If your looking for a Real Estate Attorney Miami than contact Brown Law for representation