Civil Litigation

Civil Litigation Attorney Miami Springs

The Brown Law Group seeks to help its clients resolve civil litigation matters by defending their breach of contract disputes, property ownership disputes, divorce, child custody, family law and personal and property damages. The function of civil law is to provide a legal remedy to solve problems through the judicial system. Some civil law cases are based on state or federal statues or the ruling of the court. In most civil litigation cases the burden of proof is on the plaintiff.

In civil law cases there is the possibility of punitive damages, if the defendant’s conduct is egregious:

  • Malicious intent – A desire to harm another individual
  • Gross negligence – Conscious indifference
  • A willful disregard for the rights of other

Civil law covers a wide range of topics, so The Brown Law Group examines each case thoroughly to determine its validity and establish whether it is a winnable case for the client. It is the objective of The Brown Law Group to honor the integrity of our clients and to provide the best defense for our clients.

Civil Litigation Attorney Miami

If you, a family member or friend is in need of a hard working Firm to represent them in a civil matter The Brown Law Group will examine the evidence and with our 19 years of experience will provide the best civil defense money can buy.

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